Email Security Made Easy With These 6 Tips

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In the modern world, your email ID is your asset and email security is your savior. This holds true because all your information can be tracked through your email ID. Keeping your email ID secure is something that needs to be taken care of. Email IDs are used for creating accounts on multiple sites, services, and logins because of which they are targeted by cybercriminals (aka hackers). Email hacking can cause hassle for any person as today everything is lined with your email ID. All your sensitive information will be on display to the hacker. From your basic personal details to your bank account details, everything is now linked with your email ID and if it gets compromised then you can be in real trouble. It is significant to keep your email ID secure from getting hacked. Here are a few tips which can improve your email security and safeguard you from getting your email ID hacked;

  • Use Anti-virus, an updated one

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Email security is of prime importance and in order to keep the security high, it is recommended to use updated anti-virus on your phone and laptops or gadgets from which you access your emails. These anti-virus agents protect you from getting hacked and keep your email accounts secure from hacking attempts.

  • Always Use Two Factor Authentication

Whenever you create any email account always go for 2FA i.e. Two Factor Authentication. The process of using 2FA service is simple – once you enter your email username and password, you are asked to enter the authentication code which is either sent as a text message to your cell or generated in the 2FA authentication application on your cell phone. Once you enter that, you’re allowed in. 2FA applications like Google Authenticator and Authy make the whole process simple and adds an extra layer of security over your email. Even if a hacker gets access to your email password, he won’t be able to login since he wouldn’t have access to your cell phone SMS or Authenticator app.

  • Keep Updating Your Apps

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There must be multiple apps on your cellphone and every app must either be connected with your email ID or social media account, in order to keep your personal information secure and increase your email security, you must update your apps on regular basis. Most of the times, updates of these apps installed on your phone or system include security enhancements. This practice improves security.

  • Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Links

Hackers use a common practice where they email you something that easily falls under the umbrella of “too good to be true” things. Beware from such emails! Such emails always have some links which the sender wants you to click on and there lies the catch; those links are suspicious and are mostly added to hack your email accounts. Be extra cautious in clicking on any links which are sent from suspicious IDs. This activity falls under phishing and scams, practices which are very commonly used by hackers to fetch information. Avoid these to improve email security.

  • Stay Disconnected Rather Than Using Public Wi-Fi

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There are times when you are in a hurry to access your business emails, bank accounts or other personal work when you are out. In such scenarios, always use your personal internet connection which can be your personal Wi-Fi device, your internet package or something that’s yours, never reply on any Wi-Fi that is available for the general public and is open to use. These networks are accessible by others as well, so you don’t want to put your personal information at risk right? From these networks, hackers play around and key-loggers’ information can easily be extracted by cyber-criminals. Always think about email security when logging from such environments.

  • Email Security Through Password Manager

These days hackers use credential stuffing, it is a technique that allows them to fetch the passwords from a record as most of the usernames and passwords are similar and easy to crack. In order to avoid being hacked by any cybercriminal and keep your email security high, you must use any reputed and trusted password manager for your online logins. By using a password manager you are given with fresh and unique password every time you log in to your account. This keeps your passwords protects and you can enjoy complete privacy.

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These are just a few tips and precautionary measures to keep your emails secure from getting compromised and hacked. If you want to stay away from bad news related to email hacking then you must practice and follow these for your safety and benefit. Do let us know a few tips and tricks with which you keep your email accounts safe and secure from hackers.