Managed Cloud, Protected & Secure

Our cloud nodes are completely redundant so you never have to worry about downtime again. Powered with multiple hypervisors and central RAID-10 protected SAN storage, our protected cloud is best solution for enterprises looking for scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does cloud DDoS protection do?
Cloud DDoS protection uses multiple global scrubbing centers to scrub off unwanted traffic at its source rather than at its destination. This not only benefits a single server, but the entire network.
2How does cloud-based DDoS protection work?
Cloud DDoS protection uses DNS (domain name system) to direct all incoming traffic through a scrubbing center. For larger deployments, routing is used to ensure that all traffic is filtered.
3What is cloud-based DDoS protection?
Cloud based DDoS protection is a service that allows you to take care of any imminent threats before they even reach your server. Cloud-based DDoS protection will use scrubbing centers to filter incoming traffic as soon as they leave the source leaving your server far away from any trouble.
4How does cloud DDoS mitigation work?
Cloud DDoS mitigation relies on utilizing the cloud to protect servers from DDoS attacks. Globally placed scrubbing centers are used to filter traffic so that only the legitimate and clean traffic passes through. Cloud DDoS keeps your servers far away from any threats as they deal with the problem at its source rather than its destination.
5What are the features of a DDoS protected cloud?
The main features of a DDoS protected cloud service are ease of customization, high degree of reliability, a large network size, good flexibility and expertise in the services provided.
6Which types of attacks does anti-DDoS mitigate?
Anti-DDoS services help mitigate all kinds of DDoS attacks be it a volume based attack, protocol level attack, or an application layer attack. Anti-DDoS is your way out of having your website attacked by malicious parties and keeping your business safe.