Covid-19 affect on Ddos Attacks 2020

Ddos attacks

COVID 19 has adversely affected the businesses, employees and owners are left with no choice other than working from home. Work from home and the physical lockdown has forced the people to go online whether to work or to gain services and products. With the surge in COVID 19 and strict physical lockdown, it has created a lot of usage of online services, visiting websites, online purchasing, working remotely. Due to the excess use of online services and websites, there was a major threat of cyber-attacks and Ddos Attacks.

Most of the organizations relied on digital resources to run the business affairs. Employees were asked to work from home, products and services were sold online and the use of online transactions was at its peak. Increased usage of online services and digital resources also attracts most of hackers and scammers into the business. The hackers tried to catch this opportunity and hence the surge of DDoS attacks was expected a lot.

It proved as during the first quarter of 2020, Ddos attacks raised by massive numbers. The attacks during the first 4 months of 2020 were more than 542% than the last quarter of 2019. In the second quarter of 2019, the DDoS attack was 97% higher than in the same period of 2019. COVID 19 pandemic is still a massive threat, but it has caused a cyber pandemic as well as during the first quarter of 2020 the DDoS attacks rose by a massive 278% as compared to the same period of 2019. COVID 19 has affected the businesses badly due to the immense increase in DDoS attacks from every aspect to every extent.

Mechanism of Ddos Attack

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack is an attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a web server, website, or surrounding infrastructure by striking the targeted server or website with the flood of internet traffic. An attacker gains control of several systems for flooding the targeted system, website, or web server with a large number of internet traffic. Over flooding the victim with internet traffic causes the internet server or system to run overcapacity and hence causes the denial of service to the usual internet traffic and disrupts the overall networking environment.

Ddos attacks

How to Cope with DDoS Attacks?

DDoS attacks have left businesses with no choice just to wait for the attack to end and prays that thing gets normal. During the pandemic without the presence of technical staff available physically, the business has to bring something out of the box to protect themselves from being Ddosed. As a business owner, you have to think about how you can protect your website and web servers from being hacked. Many of the business owners like you are looking for a way to protect your websites and digital resources from being attacked by hackers.

The increasing numbers of DDoS attacks have forced you to rethink how you can protect your website. Well, a DDoS attack can be coped or prevented to some extent by taking major precautionary steps. You can have DDoS protected VPS for your website, or to look for Ddos protected webservers. You can also look for your website security, obtain the SSL certification, protecting the website by using Firewall web security. You can find some of the best DDoS protected VPS or web servers for high protection against DDoS attacks.

DDoS Protected VPS

For protecting your website from DDoS attack a good option would be to chose a DDoS protected VPS. Your hosting service provider can also provide you the DDOS protected VPS, for securing your website from DDoS attacks. VPS or virtual private server is a server hosting with a dedicated server. It provides a dedicated server having a virtual Ram and CPU connected to your account. DDoS protected VPS is an anti-Ddos VPS which is equipped with the DDoS mitigation deployment. DDoS protected VPS is situated on a server that is protected against DDoS attacks. A suitable and reliable Ddos protected has a high data transmission limit if not more than at least for some gigabytes, a solid hardware firewall which can act as a shield against vulnerable DDoS attack.

DDoS protected VPS is capable of resisting against common DDoS attacks

  • Over flooded traffic attack
  • Server and application attacks
  • Protocol-based attacks

If you are looking for protection and securing your system and server from DDoS attack than Ddos protected VPS will be the most reliable solution for you.

Best DDoS Protected VPS

If you are looking for the best DDOS protected VPS for your web server or website, so here is a list of a few best DDoS protected VPS.


If you are looking for high quality and a reliable service provider against Ddos attack and looking for a complete service package then your wait is over, Blockdos,net is there to assist you.

Inmotion hosting

It offers a variety of plans, moneyback guarantee high speed and different bandwidth options to choose one from them. Inmotion hosting offers one of the best DDoS protected VPS for you.


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If you have a compromised budget and still looking for the best DDoS protected VPS, then javapipe is there for you. It offers protection from all types of DDoS attacks, with value for money services.


They offer value for money and best Ddos protected VPS with 24/7 technical support. They also offer you free backups and migrations and full root access


Kdatacenter is also among the best DDoS protected VPS provider. They are offering you the best and far most reliable services and protection from any type of DDoS attack.

All these service providers offer the best DDoS protected Vps with high-quality services at the best price.

Manage Proxy Ddos Attack

Another threatening cyber-attack is the proxy DDoS attack. During COVID 19 pandemic Ddos attacks have shown the highest peak than ever. During this period Attackers attack mostly on business websites, educational, and healthcare sectors. According to clustering analysis, most of the cyberattacks during the period were proxy DDoS attacks. Proxy Ddos attacks have shown a rise in the current scenario. The attacker has many benefits of using a proxy DDoS attack as it requires nothing but a personal computer and proxy harvesting script.

Proxy Ddos attacks have shown a high percentage of 12.40% of the overall DDoS attack. Proxy DDoS attack has become a matter of concern for you and every other organization. Managing and limiting the Proxy DDoS attack has become a challenge for many organizations.

You can take protection from third-party service providers against Ddos proxy attacks, or block the access from proxy servers.

Why you need protection against DDOS?

Well evaluating all the impacts of COVID 19 on Ddos attacks and seeing the peak in Ddos attacks, you might be worried about your website or webserver. Drastically you may be convinced regarding different myths for example that you have the best hosting site, or your technical team is very competent or you don’t need to bother about DDoS attacks. Well whatever your opinion and concern are, you need to pay attention to DDoS protection. You might be thinking why I am forcing you to rethink and protect against DDOS. The importance of Ddos protection can be observed in numerous ways.

  • During a successful DDoS attack you may lose valuable information that could affect your business performance.
  • Ddos attacks can drastically affect customer loyalty and trust, as it disrupts your network performance and hence you may lose customer trust and either may not be able to gain new business due to bad service experience
  • Changing pattern of DDos attack from traditional to proxy DDoS attack
  • Your business may lose valuable revenue to pay the attackers to stop DDoS attack or to pay a huge amount on recovering lost information and going again online
  • You may need DDOS protection more than ever now as there as an increase in the number of DDoS attacks and the severity of the attacks.

Getting Protection against DDoS attacks is a must for the success of your business.

How to Choose reliable DDoS Protection?

Well here comes an issue for you about how to choose a reliable Service provider. If you are looking for high-quality Ddos protection do consider the following.

  • The capability of protection against different types of DDoS attacks. How well can they cope with DDoS attacks and how much protection can they provide?
  • How many technicalities involved at the business end, whether they provide technical support
  • What is there actual uptime
  • Availability and support
  • Could protect you against the latest DDoS attacks such as proxy DDoS attack
  • Equipped with high protection such as SSL/HTTPS
  • Ease of getting started

Let’s dig into what Blockdos has to offer. It is a unique platform that can offer you guaranteed high-quality DDoS Protection Services.

  • Blockdos is offering you 100% uptime and 24/7 service.
  • There is no need for you to look for a DDOS protected VPS as Blockdos offers you high-quality DDoS protected VPS for the protection against any type of DDoS attack
  • Offering you the quality of services with the best price
  • No need for hardware and experts
  • Blockdos has the best web application firewall
  • Website monitoring
  • Protection against proxy DDoS attack


COVID 19 has affected the number of DDOS attacks during the year, the pandemic has resulted in a drastic increase of Ddos attack and mostly there was a DDoS proxy attack. With the increase in the numbers of attack, you need to protect your web server and website from any type of DDoS attack whether be a cloud server attack or DDoS proxy attack. You can protect your website from DDoS attacks by using DDoS protected VPS. We have seen some of the best DDoS protected VPS service providers and among them, Blockdos is the best DDOS protected VPS service provider.

Increasing DDoS attacks can be a serious threat to your website and organization and taking precautionary measures can help you protect against them.