DDOS Protection is an Insurance Policy for your Business Survival FACT World's largest 1 Tbps DDoS Attack launched from 152,000 hacked Smart Devices DID YOU KNOW IoT-powered DDoS attacks have now reached an unprecedented size, as it is too easy for hackers to gain control of poorly configured, or vulnerable, IoT devices. FACT The most-hit industry was gaming, accounting for 55 percent of all attacks. It was followed by software and technology (25 percent), media and entertainment (5 percent), financial services (4 percent) and Internet and telecommunications (4 percent). DID YOU KNOW Being hit by one isn't the only way DDoS attacks can affect businesses: They can also be blackmailed with the threat of one, an increasing trend over the past year. FACT Your Smart Devices may have inadvertently participated in a record-breaking largest cyber attack that Internet has just witnessed. DID YOU KNOW IoTs are currently being deployed in a large variety of devices throughout your home, businesses, hospitals, and even entire cities (Smart Cities), but they are routinely being hacked and used as weapons in cyber attacks due to lack of stringent security measures and insecure encryption mechanisms. FACT Under DDoS Attack? Call +1 (866) 989-9119 Why BlockDoS? 100% Free Trial Free Setup No Upfront Cost Lowest Price Guaranteed Instant Deployment Guaranteed Unlimited DDOS Protection Guaranteed Performance Boost Web Application Firewall 24/7/365 Monitoring GET PROTECTED NOW


Free Setup

100% Free Trial

No Upfront Cost

Instant Deployment

24/7/365 Monitoring

Web Application Firewall

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Guaranteed Performance Boost

Guaranteed Unlimited DDOS Protection

150+ PoPs

10 Tbps+ Capacity

100% Uptime Guarantee

#1 CDN Provider in the world*

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Why choose BlockDoS?

Unlimited Protection

Unlimited DDoS Attack Protection – No. of Attacks & Size of Attacks

Multi Anti-DDoS Providers

Strategic partnerships with industry-leading Anti-DDoS Vendors

Threat Intelligence

Comprehensive knowledge on every vendor strengths & weaknesses

Managed Anti-DDoS

Fully managed service with pro-active approach

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts & Flat Pricing – no bandwidth overrage charges

No upfront payment

Get started for Free – we protect first, negotiate later

Website Monitoring

Custom SSL, Periodic Pingdom Alerts, Free Consultation & a lot more

Custom SSL

Custom SSL, Periodic Pingdom Alerts, Free Consultation & a lot more

Why one provider is not enough?

DDoS attacks come in all shapes and sizes - not every provider is equipped to handle every possible attack! Some attacks are very complex and require managed mitigation and pro-active approach to counter effectively. No provider can promise you "unlimited" ddos attack protection because of obvious bandwidth limitations.

There are overrage charges when you exceed the allocated quota - bigger the attack, bigger the bill. When you hit the bandwidth cap, they take your website offline which effectively means mission is successful for attacker.

Hassle Free Deployment

Our competitors want you to sign a contract first and make payment. BlockDoS understands that when you are in trouble you will do every effort to resolve it. We understand how tiring and frustrating the situation is. Not to mention business & reputation loss. We try to provide you relief & piece of mind by making sure your website is up and running first. Once you're settled in, then we can get to further steps.

We monitor your servers for you!

Other providers conveniently monitor their own network. That's what their SLA Is designed for. They won't notify you when your services are down. On the contrary, they expect you to tell them if your website is under attack so they can begin to mitigate.

We have a more customer centric approach - we monitor your servers for you. We do not monitor just your network, we monitor your website as well. So in a scenario where your website is hit by an attack, we'll be on the front lines not only fighting it but also keeping you in the loop.

30 minutes setup! What's our magic process?

  • Submit the "Under Attack" form with your website details
  • Add our nameservers to your domain panel for securing your DNS
  • We will detect threats your website is facing
  • Our team will deploy Anti-DDoS vendor with best-possible match
  • Viola! Your website is fully secure from all threats and DDoS attacks
  • Our sales team will email you for negotiation if you want to continue securing your website

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