Corona Rescue Package

Rock-solid Managed Security Packages to Guard Your Website

In the wake of Covid-19 Global Pandemic, whilst the businesses are facing record losses, the cyber attacks are increasing manifolds. To help secure your website in this time of crisis, Blockdos has taken the initiative to help small and medium businesses cope up. We have setup a special pricing structure which comes with massive discounts over retail price to get your business through these difficult times.

Website Security Plan:

Managed Anti-DDoSManaged CDNManaged WAFManaged Anti-DDoS
Simple Proxy Website OnlyCloudFlare Pro Plan ManagedSucuri CloudProxy ManagedSimple Proxy SE Install on Client Server
Order NowOrder NowOrder NowOrder Now
LocationSingle Location150+ POP30+ POPInstall in Server
Managed ServiceFully Pro Active ManagedFully Pro Active ManagedFully Pro Active ManagedSemi Managed
Data TransferUnmetered Data TransferUnmetered Data TransferUnmetered Data TransferServer Dependant
DDOS Attack Mitigation CapacityUnlimited Attack HandlingUnlimited Attack HandlingUnlimited Attack HandlingServer Dependant
Supported Ports80,44380,44380,44380,443
L4 DDOS ProtectionProtection against All kind of L4Protection against All kind of L4Protection against All kind of L4Network Dependant
L7 Application DDOS ProtectionFull Layer 7 ProtectionLimited Layer 7Limited Layer 7Full Layer 7 Protection
Dedicated IPDedicated IPServer Dependant
Monitoring24/7 Monitoring Included24/7 Monitoring Included24/7 Monitoring Included24/7 Monitoring Included
Technical Support24/7/365 Support Included24/7/365 Support Included24/7/365 Support Included24/7/365 Support Included
Web Application FirewallIncludedIncluded
Virtual Patching
Custom Dashboard
Role Base Access-

Accepted Payment Methods

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Page Rule Set

Now you can define rules as per your need. You can enable full HTML caching, individually with CloudFlare’s customized features on a page by page basis. Now you have full control on your pages.

Reduce Server Load

When you have thousands of online visitors accessing your website, your server load will increase and so will your bandwidth usage. With CloudFlare’s smart caching engine, it caches images, CSS, etc according to your needs. This will reduce the load on server and also saves bandwidth.

Dynamic Content

Your dynamic content can also be sped up using CloudFlare’s advanced technology.

Always Online

With CloudFlare, your server always stays online and connected. If your server ever goes offline, CloudFlare will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online to visitors.

Fast Content Delivery

If you want your content to reach thousand of your customers online then CloudFlare’s CDN has built to meet your needs. CloudFlare ensures that you get the best possible speed, regardless of where your website is hosted.

Advance Security

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • OWASP ModSecurity
  • Layer 7 DDoS Protection
  • BGP Origin Protection


  • Easy DNS Management
  • Custom DNS Name Servers
  • Raw Log File Access
  • Wildcard Support


  • 100% Control on pages
  • Control files, directory etc
  • Cache Purge
  • Cost Effective

Multiple Access

  • Assign Multiuser Roles (enterprise version only)
  • Easy to Manage Accounts
  • Able to Add or Delete Account
  • Manage All Level of Controls


Free Setup

100% Free Trial

No Upfront Cost

Instant Deployment

24/7/365 Monitoring

Web Application Firewall

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Guaranteed Performance Boost

Guaranteed Unlimited DDOS Protection

150+ PoPs

10 Tbps+ Capacity

100% Uptime Guarantee

#1 CDN Provider in the world*

#1 DNS provider in the world*

Why choose BlockDoS?

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Unlimited Protection

Unlimited DDoS Attack Protection – No. of Attacks & Size of Attacks

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Multi Anti-DDoS Providers

Strategic partnerships with industry-leading Anti-DDoS Vendors

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Threat Intelligence

Comprehensive knowledge on every vendor strengths & weaknesses

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Managed Anti-DDoS

Fully managed service with pro-active approach

mini icon contract with pen

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts & Flat Pricing – no bandwidth overrage charges

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No upfront payment

Get started for Free – we protect first, negotiate later

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Website Monitoring

Custom SSL, Periodic Pingdom Alerts, Free Consultation & a lot more

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Custom SSL

Custom SSL, Periodic Pingdom Alerts, Free Consultation & a lot more

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