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Why do DDoS Attacks Happen?

From a disgruntled customer(s) to a plainly malicious individual(s), distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can be instigated as a means of ‘getting even’ with you, the targeted victim or to sabotage your online business as well as your reputation. In other cases DDoS attacks could be fueled by controversy and therefore be utilized as a way of protesting against extreme content or inflammatory views represented on a website. Although a regular website that ‘poses’ no threat or controversy in its content and nature of service can also become a victim of a distributed denial of service attack, it is a very rare occurrence.

Cyber vandals will make use of sophisticated tools to flood victims’ website or computing system with ‘fake’ online traffic and sometimes this can lead to a complete shutdown of the targeted website.What is even more annoying is that in most cases whoever is behind these DDoS attacks may go untraced due to the use of automated attacks! Forcing the targeted computer to reset, or crippling its function ability to render it inefficient and hindering communication between you and your website’s intended users, DDoS attacks can present you with a string of unpleasant complications!

Taking different forms and delivering instant repercussions where DDoS protection has not been prior implemented, DDoS attacks often take root in a variety of ways leaving you and your business scrambling for answers and solutions! From disrupted sequencing of internal instructions to maxed out processor usage, malicious malware can infest your computing system leading it to crash altogether. The most commonly utilized cyber attacks include teardrop attacks which confuse firewalls and deliver malicious codes as well as the peer-to-peer attacks which prey on social networking and file share to distribute malware!

Although DDoS attacks are considered a violation of Internet Architecture Board’s internet proper use policy, this has not in itself remotely spoofed perpetrators of this internet ‘crime’. If anything, more and more hackers and crackers alike are horning their DDoS attacks skills therefore leaving you with no choice but to enlist a reliable antiDDoS protection service! offers you quality DDoS protection that will ensure that your business stays safe online and gives you peace of mind and time to focus on other aspects of life.

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