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The time it takes for somebody to destroy your online presence is fast.
We are even faster to get you back on your feet again…!

Destruction is Quick; Let’s try the pace of mitigation..!

Mitigation Process

30 Minute Implementation Plan

BlockDoS has various DDoS mitigation locations. No matter what’s the size and type of the attack, we change or combine locations to knock down the largest and dangerous DDos attacks.
We have the fastest DDos mitigation implementation plan to ensure that our clients don’t suffer, have lowest latency, and can run their business processes smoothly.

DDoS Implementation Process Flow

  •  Domain name and back end IP address will be required from the client coupled with SSL (if valid).
  • BlockDoS will take care of the setup on client’s end.
  • BlockDos will provide a front end proxy IP to the client.
  • Client will be able to change the record of the domain from their DNS (or blockdos DNS) to Blockdos Proxy IP.
  • The domain’s record will be changed from client’s DNS or BlockDoS DNS to BlockDoS proxy IP.
  • BlockDos protected proxies will give a safe path to the traffic to move.
  • Suspicious traffic will be filtered at proxy or router level.
  • Proxy will then take the client request along with X-forwarded-for header to back-end server and give back client with the info requested.
  • DDos traffic will be included to the temporarily blocked list or discarded.
  • To block all the traffic at firewall and permit only certain IPs is suggested by BlockDoS.
  • If the back-end IP address has been changed then additional security will be offered. Advance security and mitigation involves restriction of IPs to some specific locations or balancing the traffic.