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BlockDoS 2013 And 2012 DDoS Statistics Comparison Infographic

What would Einstein say if he could see how his theory of relativity has led nations into a global nuclear power competition? What does Brain say upon seeing how that very first innocent little virus may have led to the current global DDoS (distributed denial of service) competition? Einstein simply wanted to solve physics problems and Brain simply wanted to make software piracy embarrassing and difficult, but DDoS hackers and those who pay them – either financially or socially – are on a mission to win one online battle after another. BlockDoS is back with a big picture view of 2013 DDoS attacks statistics of who’s originating the most and what are the most used types of attacks. The study shares data on attack duration, attack bandwidth, and attack packets, all in the form of an easy to read and understand DDoS infographic.

Infrastructure attacks, which was totaled 81.40% in 2012 and 76.52% in 2013 while total percentage of application-based attacks add up to 23 percent in 2013. That is a 4 percent reduction in infrastructure types and a 5 percent increase in application-based. Attack duration shows a 123 percent increase since 2012 from 17 to 38 hours’ length. Average attack bandwidth almost toppled a 1000 % increase over 2012. The largest DDoS attack traffic continuously rose from 10Gbps to an astonishing 300Gbps on March 27’ 2013, recorded it as the largest scale (traffic-wise) DDoS attack aimed at a single target in history.

In 2012, according to the International Telecommunications Union, around 39 % of our 7.1 billion world population uses the Internet. The two countries with the most Internet users are
China with 568,192,066 and United States with 254,295,536. So, it is not too surprising that China was the main source of DDoS attacks and United States in second place in 2013. Don’t forget that China’s population has barely been penetrated with Internet use. China was the source of 62 % of DDoS perpetrator origination targeting BlockDoS clientele in 2013 and 35.45 % in 2012. United States was 27.85 % of DDoS origination in 2012 and 9.06 % in 2013. (Russia fell from 5.07 % in 2012 to 4.45 % in 2013.)

Einstein is given the credit for saying once, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” He is also attributed with, “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” BlockDoS point of view keeps both in mind while serving global clientele to keep networks safe, online and used for the owners’ intentions and not those of DDoS perpetrators. Read and study with us. Join the conversation on BlockDoS’s Facebook page. Contact us for fast, effective anti-DoS protection at

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