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We not only protect the websites
But also your Emails &DNS as well..!

Cyber vandals use tools to flood and shut down victim websites.These online DDoS
attacks can be automated, so the identity of the attacker remains untraceable.


99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

BlockDoS provides 99.9% uptime SLA on enterprise DDoS protection solutions. Our Global mitigation centers are fully equipped with uninterrupted power supplies that make our network stronger.

30 Minutes Response Time

We provide the fastest response time. Our DDoS mitigation system promptly filters the traffic before it gets into your systems and harms your network.

300+ Gbps DDoS Protection

Our DDoS mitigation solution, leading the pack in performance and scalability, is empowered by 300+ Gbps network channels spread over multiple internet exchange points around the world.

Multiple DDoS Mitigation Centers

We don’t let DDoS attack harm our clients. We have 10+mitigation centers around the globe. Our clients get nominal latency and quick recovery.

Local DDoS Protection

BlockDoS provides DDoS protection services against the low rate attacks. We deploy customized applications at your own location that can take care of false requests.

24/7/365 Suppor

Since DDoS attack has become the most hazardous attack to the businesses running their systems online, we offer our 24/7/365 support and uninterrupted services to them.


Now identify different IPs for different countries through our GEO DNS. This way you can filter the traffic you want to serve.

Email Protection

Our secured email relay services never let you get exposed. Our anti DDoS attack services includes email protection too so that invader can’t attack your email servers.