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We not only protect the websites
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Cyber vandals use tools to flood and shut down victim websites.These online DDoS
attacks can be automated, so the identity of the attacker remains untraceable.

Ddos Threats

There are several different types of cyber attacks and threats that an organization dreads of. The advancement of technology has made organizations grow and groom in a much better way than ever but at the same time they should combat it when the technology falls in the wrong hands. Each day there’s some new threat lifting its head to knock down the reputation of the brands. Nevertheless, some threats die hard and come back with whole new power and destructive force and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one of them.DDoS attack is not just the problem of IT department alone; it affects and impacts negatively on all departments, employees and organization’s reputation. The damages of DDoS attack is beyond one’s imagination. This is the reason why each and every stakeholder of the organization should play its part in strategizing against DDoS threats.