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We not only protect the websites
But also your Emails &DNS as well..!

Cyber vandals use tools to flood and shut down victim websites.These online DDoS
attacks can be automated, so the identity of the attacker remains untraceable.

Ddos Solutions

BlockDoS’s alliance of security solutions enable clients with integrated application security, network security, security information and tool management in real-time. Its multiple-layer, fully integrated architecture and IT security solution safeguards application infrastructure to get rid of application vulnerability compromise, application level stoppage, network level downtime, data theft, malware infiltration, Internet service attacks and website vandalism.

Top Goals

  • Facilitate customer happiness
  • Promote business continuity and efficiency
  • Triumphantly block DDoS attacks that target networks

Attacks today and forward will consistently grow in brutality, recurrence, stratagem, and variety. BlockDoS aims to offer application and security solutions that effectively overtake such attacks, no matter what the number, depth, range and size. BlockDoS stays educated on the dynamic Internet environment of distributed denials of service and shares that education with clients via all types of media. In turn, its real-time security solutions enable the perfect defense for constantly changing application and network security challenges.

The solutions’ robust behavioral-based and signature-based tools enable clients with exhaustive prevention and detection of intrusion setups. Its top focus is to protect against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) in the face of both application-level and/or network-level attacks. BlockDoS clients experience top security performance in every aspect.

Ready for Implementation Cloud-Based DDoS Scrubbing
BlockDoS cloud-based mitigation service is poised to defend against volumetric DDoS attacks. It safeguards against Internet pipe excess. BlockDoS can set up an on-site DDOS attack mitigation system for a solution that is flexible and scalable. It will automatically go to work when the client’s service detects Internet pipe excess.


  • One point of contact from beginning to end
  • Proliferate in-depth security provision and protection against all kinds of attacks that are not normally revealed and mitigated by competitors’ solutions whether onsite or in the cloud
  • Briefest turn-around time to discover and mitigate application and network attacks with the objective to keep the client’s Internet pipes filled only with wanted traffic
  • A unified reporting system in which every entity involved will have equivalent and full knowledge of threats and transparent access to know all attack mitigation blueprints and plans

BlockDoS is a set of real-time network products that provides reliable DDoS and DoS protection for networks, websites, and applications.

A DDoS flood attack purposely misuses client’s bandwidth assets. It aims to crash applications, networks and websites. This class of DDoS attacks can target and launch anywhere and anytime. Automated programs enable an unbelievable number of perpetrators to attack a network or application at one time from all over the world. BlockDoS works against flood threats. It evaluates end user activity and queries. It looks for traditional patterns versus strange patterns, in order to check attack signatures in memory.

DDoS and DoS attacks are detected in clients’ networks, applications and websites. BlockDoS blocks the bad traffic attacks without compromising the rightful users of the clients.

DoS and DDoS Solution
BlockDoS is able to quickly and correctly know the difference among out of the ordinary patterns that actually result from allowed traffic activity versus expected traffic versus attack traffic. One DoS mitigation feature is to create real-time signatures against zero-day DDoS/DoS attacks by automatically creating real-time signatures. The result is prevention against the attack without ever needing a live person involved! Second, the BlockDoS shield feature safeguards against all known DDoS/DoS floods.


  • ICMP and IGMP floods
  • TCP SYN floods
  • TCP Fin, Push, and Reset floods
  • UDP and DNS floods

Cloud providers, hosting providers and resellers are encouraged to study and get involved with BlockDoS’s DDoS as a Service solution.

Mitigation against SSL Attacks
BlockDoS’s attack mitigation system safeguards clients from SSL based-DDoS attacks. Many layers of DoS and DDoS defense are enabled. Application-based protection and network-based protection will cover SSL-based DoS and DDoS attacks. BlockDoS mitigates encrypted and completely transparent DDoS attacks.

BlockDoS enables a leading edge SSL attack mitigation solution. BlockDoS knows that attackers want to misuse network and application assets of their targets. More and more a variety of attack strategies in campaigns are used against the target’s vulnerabilities. It powers top performing hardware that can meet and defend against all DDoS attacks. The multi defense layers of DDoS detection and mitigation security technologies are capable of working against high rate DoS and DDoS and the low and slow network in application layers and in networks. Other attacks it is ready to defend against include connection-based misuse attacks, service cracking, traffic anomaly, and sneaky application scans before attacks begin.

BlockDoS application delivery product enables advanced application features such as powerful secure socket layer acceleration tools. It assists clients who need to decrypt and encrypt secure socket layer traffic as needed.

Both the BlockDoS SSL attack mitigation solution and the application delivery product enable mitigation of transparent traffic attacks and secure socket layer based attacks. This strategy mitigates HTTPS page floods in asymmetric and symmetric situations. It enables limitless secure socket layer encryption and decryption capabilities by taking advantage of BlockDoS’s special hardware accelerator.

PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
BlockDoS solutions enables clients to become PCI DSS compliant in the most cost-effective an smoothly integrated fashion. No new data center infrastructure is needed. BlockDoS works smartly to make the transaction of currently, non-PCI compliant networks follow the standard as painless as possible. How does this work:

  • BlockDoS real-time discovery of online events for quick and effective reports including audits and logs are required by PCI without disrupting web applications.
  • BlockDoS Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides the smoothest method to comply with PCI standards.
  • BlockDoS intelligent application delivery controller guides PCI compliance according to all types of requirements.
  • BlockDoS special web services and XML gateway work to fortify network access and security control plans for web services.
  • BlockDoS ongoing network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS), denial of service (DoS), and distributed denial of service (DDoS) against zero minute attacks (gap of time between a vulnerability’s discovery and an attack on that vulnerability) and other types of attacks compromising clients’ business.
  • BlockDoS places clients in the winner’s seat of various PCI compliance requirements.