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We not only protect the websites
But also your Emails &DNS as well..!

Cyber vandals use tools to flood and shut down victim websites.These online DDoS
attacks can be automated, so the identity of the attacker remains untraceable.

Check amazing features of our new cloud protection package.

Website Protection Remote Proxy Protection

Features Professional DDOS Protection Enterprise DDOS Protection Series
Standard Protection 100GBPS 500GBPS
Maximum Protection 400GBPS Unlimited
Standard PPS Protection 2 Million 5 Million
Maximum PPS Protection 10 Million Unlimited*
Clean Bandwidth 100mbps 1000mbps
Data Transfer 2000GB 10000GB
Protect Any Attack ok ok
Protection Against    
UDP Flood ok ok
TCP Flood ok ok
SYN Flood ok ok
Application Layer Attack    
HTTP Get Attack ok ok
HTTP POST Attack ok ok
XML RPC Attack ok ok
Joomla Attack ok ok
WordPress Attack ok ok
Bandwidth Leeching Attack ok ok
BOTNET attack ok ok
DNS Protection ok ok
Email Protection ok ok
IP Location Canada/USA/Europe Canada/USA/Europe
Back Location/IP cross ok
Dedicated IP ok ok
Protected Ports 80/443 any
Unlimited Sub Domain Protection ok ok
Host Anywhere ok ok
Transparent Solution ok ok
24/7/365 Technical Support ok ok
Email ok ok
Chat ok ok
Phone cross ok
Month-to-Month Contract ok ok
Up time 99% 99.99%
Free Setup ok ok
Custom Rule Set cross ok
Addon Domains cross ok
Web Application Firewall cross ok
SSL Support ok ok
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