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Cyber vandals use tools to flood and shut down victim websites.These online DDoS
attacks can be automated, so the identity of the attacker remains untraceable.

DDoS Attacks Spell ‘Gameover’ for Banks, Victims in Cyber Heists

The risk of performing online transactions hovers over both internet users and online marketing businesses. Everybody is not that knowledgeable about internet related threats. As a result these people have to face various problems related to working of their systems. In order to protect themselves from these risks, internet security measures must be undertaken. Now-a-days, even many programs and applications provide proper internet security.

The major threat that is lingering around is DDoS attack. Many hackers generally attack a system with distributed denial of services. A denial of service attack breaks the link between the user and the server. A user is not able to communicate through the server anymore. FBI has already warned banks about the hackers that have been launching cyber attacks. The bureau said that “the attacks coincide with corporate account takeovers perpetrated by thieves who are using a modified version of the ZeuS Trojan called “Gameover.”

DDoS attacks can come in any form. A spam e-mail can corrupt the whole system. “Gameover” steals the password and allows the hackers to have direct access to the system and network. And once these hackers get hold on a website of a bank, they wire money out of the account leaving the organization unable to access the web. And as per proper investigation, all this wire money transfers are directly relocated to jewelry stores by these cyber crooks.

DDoS mitigation has become a compulsion to avoid such huge losses incurred by banks. Though the security experts are not certain about the whole purpose of DDoS attacks, but as FBI said “The belief is the DDoS is used to deflect attention from the wire transfers as well to make them unable to reverse the transactions (if found)”. This is because the network administrators try to keep the network up while they miss the real attack. Rather, proper DDoS protection measures should be undertaken to avoid such major mistakes.

Only an authorized service provider can help you out in protecting your system from distributed denial of service. Financial organizations like banks should understand that they are accountable for any kind of internet threat. So, DDoS protection is must. This will not only ensure better functioning but also growth of business.

So, get yourself the ideal protection from DDoS attacks with the help of an online service provider.

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