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Cyber Pirates! – Don’t let your ship sink… Anchor it!

Few months back in United States of America, the Department of Justice indicted 13 individuals who were part of a cyber crime organization by the name of ‘Anonymous’. These individuals were charged with initiating a scheme of disrupting and shutting down commercial and government websites. To carry out their operations, they used a tactic called ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ attack.

In a DDoS attack, a coordinated series of cyber attacks is carried out against the victim websites in that a huge volume of irrelevant internet traffic is sent out to the targeted website with the intention of making the resources of that particular website unavailable to the customers and the users. U.S. Copyright Office, British Intellectual Property Office, financial institutions, credit card operators, Motion Picture Association of America and some music companies were the targets of these disruptive attacks.

At times an attack is not just limited to making a website inaccessible, its more than that. It is also used as a cover for other criminal activities including data and intellectual property theft. Sometimes the perpetrators even collaborate and use Trojans and worms collectively to sabotage websites and networks. When a network is targeted, it becomes a Bot and when these bots infect other networks, collectively they’re called Botnet which in turns brings more destructiveness for the victims. Should you want to retaliate in the same way as the originating party, beware as it is illegal under the US law to do so.

Most businesses are normally insured, but the risk management policies need to be reviewed to make sure that the protection cover against these cyber attacks is also included in the plan to save the organization from incurring heavy overheads in the future as well as the damage. These days the insurers are offering cover for Disruption of business operations. It is worth that a market survey is conducted to weigh these options and see if they apply aptly for your organization. That said, the most important step an organization to take is to make sure that it does not let a cyber attack ruin their infrastructure and with that their reputation too. And in order to have it in place, the organizations will have to continually evaluate and enhance their systems to mitigate such risks, hire a firm that specializes in DDoS mitigation and its solution, which will in turn make the organization more secure for the future and subsequently will boast a healthy bottom line.